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TANZANIA: The journey starts in Dar Es Salaam, where Che arrived incognito, before crossing the whole country by train to reach Kigoma, a border town on lake Tanganyika. Next step, a boat journey across the lake to reach the shores of Congo.


CONGO: From the lakeside base camp in Kibamba, to the high camp in Luluabourg Mountain established by the Cuban guerillas; from there to the cities of Baraka and Fizi and other strategic sites where Cuban and Congolese commanders were based, which up until today represent important cities of South Kivu. Along the way, traversing jungle villages and the frontlines of the 1965 rebellion.


CUBA: More than 100 men travelled with Che to Congo. Those still alive, are in their late sixties to early eighties. The Che in Congo Project may be one of the last opportunities to interview these actors and witnesses. What did the experience in Congo mean for their lives? Do they still believe in the ideals of fifty years ago? How do they look at the world of today?

The Route

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