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JJ Stok-LR-Cuba-Che in Congo-IMG_7923

In November 2011, we made a research trip to Cuba to investigate the origins of the story of Che in Congo and whether there were still people alive who could tell us more about the mission.


During that visit we met with the son of Che Guevara, Camillo Guevarra (Director of the Che Guevara study center) who gave his authorization to work on this subject and also with five veterans, namely: the commander of the rescue team, Manuel Alvarez Montoya and two of his men, Mendiola and Positivo. Victor Dreke, Che’s second in command throughout Congo. Victor Dreke gave a book that was originally dedicated to the son of Patrice Lumumba, Guy-Patrice Lumbuba, to hand to him personally in Congo. And finally, Dr. Oscar Fernandez Mell, a key advisor and critic of Che in Congo, later mayor of Havana and Cuban ambassador in London. Dr. Mell joined the rescue mission to extract Che from the encircling forces of Joseph Mobutu.


We were also able to gather photographs of the personal belongings of the Congo veterans and artefacts of the mission that have never before been widely seen.


These photos, interviews and video made by the team were edited by Ben into the teaser. Check it out now!

The Research Trip

Havana, CUBA

CAPTION: Street scene in Havana. Foto: Jan-Joseph Stok